This year the Celtics averaged 99.2 points per game and only allowed their opponents to 95.6 points per game.  The Celtics were only 50-32 (.610) in the regular season and had a five seed in the east.  The Lakers averaged 101.7 ppg and allowed 97 points per game in the regular season.  The Lakers were 57-25 (.695) and had the one seed in the west.  The Celtics have 17 championships all time, and including this year's the Lakers now have16.  The Lakers coach is Phil Jackson and star is Kobe Bryant.  The coach for the Celtics is Doc Rivers and their star is Paul Pierce.  Phil Jackson has a carrer winning percentage of .705, coached for 19 years, and now has 11 championshps.  Doc Rivers' carrer winning percentage is only.543, coached for 11 years, and only has one championship.  Kobe Bryant averages 4.7 assists, 5.3 rebounds, and 25.3 points per game for his carrer.  Paul Pierce averages 3.8 assists, 6.1 rebounds, and 22.5 points per game for his carrer.