My topic is obesity.
Obesity is a particularly serious issue with regard to children and adolescents.  Governments are trying to take form on bans to trans fats.  They are also trying to require nutrional info on restaurante menus and put warnings next to the most fattening foods.  Sales tax on cerrtain fattening items such as soft drinks is an idea known as "fat tax", but critics say they are arbitary and disproportionately affecting poorer people.  Critics are also saying the government is going to far by intruding others' personal lives.  Critics say people can be overweight and still be healthy; what people eat is a matter of personal choice.  They also say ads of food toward children are bad because a young child's eating habits are from their parents.

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6/28/2010 08:16:22 am

I am on the side of stopping child obesity by having more children exercise and choosing better foods to eat. I don't want the government to intrude people's lives of charge taxes.

6/28/2010 08:26:37 am

they should require food label;s and givwe the nutritional value cuz people will be heat=lthier in restaurants and people can eat healthier choices cuz they can see the nutritionall value. I think that the government should help people to become healthier. Of course they can exercise by themselves but sometimes tahts not enough. Or you can lose weight and or get in shape faster if u eat well and excercise. Peace ouit

im smart

6/29/2010 08:17:56 am

I want to stop child obesity. I think that the child who is obese should make an effort to excercise and loose weight.

6/29/2010 08:24:17 am

I think child obesity should stop by making children exercise more and having them eat healthier foods. I don't think it's right for the government to put sales tax ("fat tax") because it can affect poorer people.

6/29/2010 08:28:21 am

I think child obesity should be stopped or at least reduced because if every child is obese, then future generations will pick up bad habits

6/30/2010 06:31:20 am

I am agaisnt obesity. I think they should start making obese children workout. I believe they can lose pounds if they concentrate and are deticated to lose the extra weight.

6/30/2010 07:40:41 am

I think that people should try to help child obesity more because if children keep getting obese than it will affect like everyone.

6/30/2010 07:49:23 am

I think that people should try to stop child obesity. Young children don't fully understand healthy habits and what it means to be obese. Although maybe the "fat tax" goes a little far, warning signs on the fattening items and nutrition facts listed on menus are a good thing.

6/30/2010 07:51:14 am

A fat tax makes you feel kinda self-conscious, but obesity has to be stopped.

6/30/2010 07:52:07 am

child obesity isnt good. we have to stop it. once children get fat, they get teased and get lowwer self esteem

6/30/2010 07:52:09 am

Im totally against child obersity because its not healty.

6/30/2010 07:52:27 am

I am against obesity, and I think it is the parents who have control over what their children eat. I think school lunches should include vegetables and fruit, and at least 2% milk or orange juice for a healthy lunch. I also think families should not go out to eat too often

6/30/2010 07:55:57 am

i think that is important for adults to control obesity of their kids when they are young and later its their own responsibility

6/30/2010 08:08:20 am

I think people should help with childhood obesity so kids can be healthier

6/30/2010 08:28:38 am

children and adults today deal with that way too muchh!!!

7/1/2010 06:24:28 am

I think obesity is not healthy and a serious problem.


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